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Zero Waste Collection

Zero Waste Collection

A testament to our commitment to sustainability and innovation in fashion. We believe in minimising our environmental footprint, which is why we take the initiative to use fabric offcuts and excess material to craft a small line of environmentally conscious styles. Each piece in this collection is a celebration of resourcefulness, where remnants of premium fabrics are transformed and given a new life. 

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Ella Shirt - Gauze Linen
Ella Shirt - Gauze Linen Sale price$195.00 AUD
A MegbyDesign model is wearing a black prachi coat made from a crinkly cotton organdy material. It is a top half of body shot and she is looking away from the camera.
Prachi Coat - Cotton Organdy Sale price$145.00 AUD
A MegbyDesign model is wearing a white elisa cami made from a lightweight cotton material and the straps are adjustable. It is a full body photo and the model is standing in from of a block stone wall.
Elisa Cami - Linen & Cotton Sale price$75.00 AUD
High Tea Slip Dress Short - Linen
High Tea Slip Dress Short - Linen Sale price$250.00 AUD