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MegbyDesign is a women's clothing range without seasons, time or age. Made sustainably with only the highest quality natural fabrics. All of our pieces are designed to intertwine and build upon throughout the seasons and years and to be worn with love.

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Piaf Coat- Gauze Linen
Piaf Coat- Gauze Linen Sale price$281.00 USD
Piaf Coat- Linen
Piaf Coat- Linen Sale price$301.00 USD
Bria Cami Jacket - Gauze Linen
Bria Cami Jacket - Gauze Linen Sale price$111.00 USD
Lucia Shirt - Linen
Lucia Shirt - Linen Sale price$178.00 USD
Henri Jacket - Linen
Henri Jacket - Linen Sale price$258.00 USD
A MegbyDesign model is wearing a black prachi coat made from a crinkly cotton organdy material. It is a top half of body shot and she is looking away from the camera.
Prachi Coat - Cotton Organdy Sale price$97.00 USD
Henri Jacket - Gauze Linen
Henri Jacket - Gauze Linen Sale price$258.00 USD
Piaf Coat- Silk Organza
Piaf Coat- Silk Organza Sale price$301.00 USD
A MegbyDesign model is wearing a lined cotton twill cream coat with large black spots featuring agoya shell buttons, side pockets and a classic cut collar
Matisse - Coat Sale price$258.00 USD
Matisse - Jacket
Matisse - Jacket Sale price$231.00 USD
Save $117.00Anouk Jacket - Gauze Linen
Anouk Jacket - Gauze Linen Sale price$117.00 USD Regular price$234.00 USD
A MegbyDesign model is wearing a cream linen coat with agoya shell buttons
Piaf Coat- Linen Sale price$301.00 USD
Noah Coat - Cotton Canvas
Noah Coat - Cotton Canvas Sale price$178.00 USD
Oxford Jacket - Cotton
Oxford Jacket - Cotton Sale price$191.00 USD
Holmes Coat - Cotton
Holmes Coat - Cotton Sale price$258.00 USD

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