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Welcome to MegbyDesign, our women's clothing label that transcends the boundaries of seasons, time, and age. Our pieces bear the mark of sustainability, crafted with pride by our remarkable team in India and China.

Each creation within our range is a thread in a story meant to unfold gracefully across the seasons and years. Our garments are designed to intertwine seamlessly, allowing you to weave your own narrative. In their simplicity lies their elegance – a canvas inviting you to leave your own distinctive mark.

Nestled in the serene hinterlands of Byron Bay, we embark on a dedicated journey towards sustainability. Our commitment goes beyond design, encompassing every thread and thought. We reuse or compost excess fabrics and offcuts, and our packaging is an echo of nature itself – 100% plastic-free and compostable. From labels to twine, tissue paper to tape, all parts of our journey reflect our dedication to a greener world.

We hope you love everything we stand for and create,

Michelle & Meg