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The Matera Collection

The Matera Collection


Reminiscent of the sandstone of Matera and the blues of the Adriatic Sea.

Inspired by simplicity.

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St Barts Dress - Linen Gauze
St Barts Dress - Linen Gauze Sale price$250.00 AUD
Adelina Slip - Cotton & Silk
Adelina Slip - Cotton & Silk Sale price$250.00 AUD
Athena Dress Short - Gauze Cotton
Athena Dress Short - Gauze Cotton Sale price$265.00 AUD
Etta Top - Gauze Linen
Etta Top - Gauze Linen Sale price$195.00 AUD
Henri Jacket - Linen
Henri Jacket - Linen Sale price$385.00 AUD
Athena Top - Gauze Cotton
Athena Top - Gauze Cotton Sale price$220.00 AUD
Corina Dress -  Cotton Silk
Corina Dress - Cotton Silk Sale price$285.00 AUD
Chiara Shirt- Linen
Chiara Shirt- Linen Sale price$220.00 AUD
Harper Shirt - Linen
Harper Shirt - Linen Sale price$220.00 AUD